Spray – Clean – Shine – Protect

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The Most Versatile Cleaning & Protection Product on the Planet! - Spray, Clean, Shine & Protect Like the Pros

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Koji's Over The TOP is the dominant go to product for the Professional detailing vehicles across the USA. Providing the competitive edge is exactly what Koji's delivers each and every time no matter the application. Koji's eliminates numerous cleaning and protection products while outperforming in each and every application which is why we're the dominant product in the auto show & special event circuit. Simplifying vehicle maintenance by using just one powerful bottle is an unbelievable cost savings and simplification of work. Spray, Clean, Shine & Protect like the Pro's for all of your cleaning & protection needs.

Koji's is the only proven trusted product that 100% eliminates the need for wax for the entire life of your vehicle. Hard water spots, bird droppings and contaminants (fall out & over spray) will not attach itself to finish due to the protective polymer coating it provides, this along with many other positive attributes is why Koji's is reinventing cleaning and protection.

Here are just some applications where this amazing formula outperforms the competition:

Waterless Car Wash & Protectant • Window Cleaner - Rain X Effect • Bucket Wash Detailer • One-Step Detail Spray
Chrome • Plastic • Vinyl Cleaner & Conditioner • Leather Cleaner & Conditioner • Heavy Stain Remover (ink and die) • Wheel Cleaner
Bug Melt Away • Hard Water Spot Helper • Computer and Computer Screen Cleaner • Mop Solution • Grout Cleaner & Protectant